Die perfekt Hochzeit - Designlab events inszeniert den wichtigsten Tag eines Paares wie einen bewussten Traum

12.01.2015 14:53

Exemplarisch stellen wir hier das Projekt "Lucid Dream" des in Dubai und in Beirut ansässigen Unternehmens designlab events vor, das für ein Hochzeitspaar in Abu Dhabi konzipiert und realisiert wurde. Erfahren Sie in den Videos alles zum Hochzeits-Event und der Entstehung der Rauminszenierung.


"We are so honored to have worked with Sheika Lateefa M, a bride who’s art work is found at www.lateefabintmaktoum.com, who’s own creativity and vision permitted us the artistic license and freedom to explore and create. Bringing to life something this spectacular could not have been possible without her confidence, support and collaborative spirit."  Hibah Albakree

The multi-faceted nature of what one experiences in dreams is the best way to describe the feeling of this event. For our inspiration we searched for connections between the bride’s own surreal art work, explorations in sound and live performance. To blend it all into a spectacular event we embraced the phenomenon known as the “lucid dream”, whereby the dreamer knows they are dreaming. We set out to deliver an actual sensation that was a continuity between the fantasy visual aspects associated with dreaming – but yet being fully aware you are having a waking experience… and from the comments received, we believe we did succeed!

Within creating this event space, we collaborated with noted instillation artists Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot to re-create their famous ephemeral Swarovski Clouds, Los Angeles Director Amy Tinkham and her team to bring the bride’s visual art to life and the amazing Roger Titley who created the 3 dimensional magical creatures. The events music was produced by Jean Marie Riachi, with the Covent Garden Orchestra conducted by Pamela Nicholson. Add to that 15,000 light sticks, 65,000 Swarovski crystals, 4000 paper cranes, a full orchestra, birds, falcons, gazelles… flowers and fine cuisine and you just may be getting close to imagining what this dream-like space was like.


Über designlab events


Since its inception in 2006, designlab events has been transforming wedding and event dreams into spectacular reality for refined clientele. Our collaborative and inclusive spirit allows us to work with ease in both modern and traditional styles. Whatever visual language is chosen, the finished creation merges the vision of both the client and our worldwide creative team. Designlab events believes in the process of exploration and seeks to unfold the greatest potential beauty of every event. Designlab events develops each event as an architect would design a signature space. 


“Events are temporary works of art to me – living sculptured spaces. My vision is to create designs that honor cultural splendor, architectural dignity and individual style.” Hibah Albakree 


Größe der Veranstaltung: 3.500 Personen

Ort: Dubai World Trade Centre, Halle 6,7,8, Abu Dhabi

Mehr Infos unter www.designlabevents.com